Venezuela strongly rejects the unfortunate intention to place Cuba on the list of State sponsors of terrorism

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejects the unfortunate intention of the outgoing Donald Trump administration to place Cuba on the list of State sponsors of terrorism. In its final agony, the government of the country that has created and financed the largest number of terrorist groups in recent decades and that has exercised systematic policies of State terrorism, intends to set itself up as a judge in a matter in which it should inhibit itself for mere immorality. This decision reflects the manipulation and political and ideological use that Washington makes of an issue as sensitive as the fight against terrorism, in order to promote its agenda of destabilization and continuous aggression against the Cuban people and government. It is also clear that the intention is to undermine the path to make it difficult for the incoming White House government to rejoin the revolutionary government of Cuba. Venezuela calls on the new U.S. government to reject once and for all unilateral practices that are contrary to and disrespectful of international law, in particular the right of peoples to self-determination. Sooner or later the shadow left by the blockades and sanctions against the heroic Cuban people will be overcome and a new stage of peace and harmony between both States will be opened.

Caracas, january 11th, 2021

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