Venezuela rejects interfering statements by the President of Guyana, Irfaan Alí

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela protests and rejects the extravagant declarations made of January 9th by the President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Mr. Irfaan Alí, who repeatedly alluded to Venezuela in matters that are within the competence of our internal jurisdiction, by referring to a Presidential Decree on regional administrative ordinance that is exclusive of the National Executive in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic, and which in no way falls within the competence of the Guyanese authorities. Behind these deceptive and confusing species, which boast of imperial supremacy that incites them to confrontation with Venezuela, lie unknown and dangerous pretensions, not at all in accordance with International Public Law in the fulfillment of good neighborliness and the principles of non-interference in internal affairs and sovereign respect for States. These astonishing declarations also abrogate unresolved rights in the territorial controversy, and confirm the serious conduct of Guyana in unilaterally disposing of a controversial territory by granting concessions to energy emporiums that threaten Venezuela’s territorial integrity and violate International Law, and which has timely motivated Venezuela’s due and just claim. The repeated violation of the Geneva Agreement of 1966 by Guyana, its historical attitude of delaying political and peaceful negotiations, the unilateral granting of concessions in a territory that does not belong to it, and its illegitimate escape from the jurisdiction of the Court, while at the same time filing a unilateral claim of illegal object, only confirm the serious violation of an International Treaty validly deposited at the UN. President Irfaan’s statement expresses a clear confession in this direction. It is regrettable that the declarations of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, in its highest official, tries to persist in the confrontation, making false and disrespectful accusations and moving the Cooperative Republic of Guyana away from the path of negotiation, seduced by the interests of Exxon Mobil, clearly supported by the outgoing government of Donald Trump and its abusive use of force. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, consistent with its international actions of strict adherence to legality, a firm believer in the path of friendly cooperation, reiterates to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana the invitation to redirect the controversy within the legal framework of the Geneva Agreement. Venezuela rejects any attempt to validate threats or aggressions that attempt against the peace of our Region, and intend to violate our unquestionable and unquestionable sovereignty and independence.

Caracas, january 11th, 2021

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