Venezuela regrets that CARICOM echoes Guyana’s campaign of manipulation

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela takes due note with concern of the unfounded accusations reflected in the statement issued yesterday, January 27th, 2021, by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), echoing the manipulation campaign of the facts led by the Cooperative Republic of Guayana, regarding the custody operation by the Bolivarian National Navy on the detention of two Guyanese fishing vessels engaged in illegal fishing in Venezuelan jurisdictional waters.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a country of peaceful vocation, which has widely shown its solidarity with all countries of the region, always promoting good neighborly relations, respect and cooperation. Venezuela has shown unconditional solidarity at times when its Caribbean neighbours have gone through difficult situations. It has never promoted military operations or exercises with extra-regional powers in controversial waters or territories, as Guyana has done.

Recently, the Defense Force of the Cooperative Republic of Guayana and the United States Coast Guard conducted joint military exercises in controversial waters, very close to Venezuelan jurisdictional waters, in a zone yet to be delimited and in which U.S. companies have important economic interests, particularly in the energy field. This fact should be a shared concern for the Caribbean community.

The Carribean Community (CARICOM), with its communiqué not only contributes to an ominous hostility climate, but also supports the interests of U.S. transactional corporations that seek to take control of an undemarcated territory, based on an undesirable conflict in the region.

Venezuela will continue to advocate respect for the principles and purposes of International Law, the promotion of a sincere dialogue in order to solve any situation that endangers the peace and security of the region and hopes that the sisterly States of CARICOM will assume a constructive behavior in this situation.

Caracas, January 28th, 2021