Venezuela reiterates its commitment to the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and does not recognize parallel mechanisms promoted by interfering governments

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs to the national and international community that today the Resolution “Strengthening of cooperation and technical assistance in the area of Human Rights in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” was approved at the 45th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

The Resolution approved shows the commitment of the Venezuelan State to maintain dialogue and respectful and constructive cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights, with the objective of further strengthening the system of social protection and Human Rights in Venezuela.

Likewise, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela firmly ratifies that it does not recognize, nor will it recognize, parallel and unnecessary mechanisms promoted by a group of governments with a history of interference, created to instrumentalize Human Rights policy against Venezuelan constitutional institutions.

Manipulating in a biased and ideological way a matter as sacred as Human Rights and trying to turn it into a political weapon and thus create conditions for a strategy of regime change, is already predictable, typical and systematic behavior of Washington and its satellite governments.

In this sense, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates that it will oppose any form of intervention in its internal affairs, under the pretext of a cynical concern for Human Rights in the country, much more so if they intend to do so through the infamous Dependent Mission of unavowable interests, which has already amply demonstrated its biased political disposition, as well as its pretension to lay the foundations for an intervention against the Venezuelan people.


                                                                    Caracas, October 6th, 2020

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