Venezuela objects to Guyana’s false accusations after interception of illegal fishing vessels in its jurisdictional waters

The People’s Power Ministry for Foreign Relations of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects the defamations of the Cooperative Republic of Guayana in its official communiqué published on January 24th, 2021, regarding the custody activity by the Bolivarian National Navy that resulted in the interception of two Guyanese vessels, called “Nady Nayera” and “Sea Wolf”, which were carrying out illegal fishing in flagrante delicto in waters of full sovereignty and jurisdiction of Venezuela, without having any legal documentation whatsoever.

The operation of the Bolivarian Navy was carried out in waters of undisputed Venezuelan sovereignty, in full respect of the legislation in force, guaranteeing the due process of the detained crew members. This new media stunt of the Guyanese authorities lays bare the unilateral pretentions of that government, in alliance with oil transnationals, particularly with the U.S. ExxonMobil, over non-controversial Venezuelan territory, as well as over marine and submarine areas yet to be determined.

In the aforementioned communiqué, the Cooperative Republic of Guyana incurs in a blatant interference in internal affairs by also incorporating a series of absurd and erratic objections to the recent promulgation of a Venezuelan land management decree that exclusively proposes the creation of public policies for maritime development in the exclusive and non-controversial territory of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In reiterating its aspiration to maintain relations of respect, cooperation and good neighborliness with the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reiterates that it will not allow illegal incursions of any kind into its territory and will exercise, as it has always done, the sacred right to defend its sovereignty.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects and denounces the false accusations and misrepresentations expressed by the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, while ratifying its offer of sincere dialogue, without hidden agendas, in order to create an environment conductive to understanding, within the framework of International Law and, particularly, the Geneva Agreement of 1966.

The Venezuelan sun rises in the Essequibo.

Caracas, january 25th, 2021

Temas: Esequibo.