Venezuela notes with concern the interfering declaration of the International Contact Group on the Venezuelan reality

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela notes with concern the ministerial declaration of the International Contact Group of September 17th, 2020. This undefined body, repeats its permanent interfering behavior, the origin and cause of its little or no usefulness, regarding to the objectives enunciated since its creation.

Its more recent statement is nothing more than a compilation of unusual intrusions, dissociated from the Venezuelan reality aimed to impose an agenda contrary to the democratic spirit of the Venezuelan people.

Since its first meeting, this body has done nothing more but try to feed political tensions in Venezuela and exacerbate unbridled extremist positions, in direct line with the policy of constant aggression of the United States government.

None of the countries, whose governments participate in this extravagant group, have an electoral system as robust and secure as that of Venezuela. In none of them can such extreme auditable guarantees of participation and transparency be provided, such as those guaranteed by the Venezuelan Electoral Power, expanded even in permanent dialogue between the Bolivarian Government and factors of the national political opposition, with a view to the parliamentary elections of next December 6th, 2020.

To pretend that the Venezuelan State incurs in a flagrant violation to the letter of its Constitution, promoting the delay of the date of the legislative elections constitutes an unacceptable act, proper, in the best of cases, of the ignorance of international laws and Venezuelan law.

In spite of the unfounded accusations against the Venezuelan electoral system, of the rude interference in internal affairs and the politicized use of alleged human rights reports elaborated at a distance and without any methodological rigor, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela makes a new call to the governments that are part of the self-named International Contact Group to desist in their desperate maneuvers and to opt for joining the rationality of other international actors that have decided to contribute positively as generators of trust and a accompaniers of the democratic exercise  in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

No inter-governmental mechanism will succeed in imposing an agenda different from that which the Venezuelan people have given themselves in sovereignty. Venezuela will preserve its sovereignty and independence from any external interference that might affect national peace.

Caracas, september 17th, 2020

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