Venezuela denounces before the international community a new aggression of the outgoing government of Donald Trump

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces before the international community a new desperate aggression against the Venezuelan people by the outgoing government of Donald Trump. Until the last day, the supremacist and imperialist aggression of Trump maintained its ferocity against the people of Venezuela, launching attacks and confiscating properties with the aim of destroying the capacity of the country to freely commercialize, as it is its right, its oil resources to attend to the needs of the Venezuelan people. In spite of these four years of sustained and ruthless aggressions, in spite of the indolence and contempt for international law, the Venezuelan people and their revolutionary government today continue to stand with their heads held high and their dignity intact, while those who have governed the United States during this period leave discredited, with the disdain of their own people whom they disappointed with their supremacist excesses. Venezuela hopes that sooner rather than later, they will answer to international justice for the damage they caused to the noble Venezuelan people.

Caracas, january 19th, 2021

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