Venezuela denounces arbitrary arrest of Alex Saab in Cape Verde

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has become aware of the arbitrary detention of the Venezuelan citizen, Alex Nain Saab, by Interpol in the Republic of Cape Verde. This act, which violates international law and rules, is clearly in line with the actions of aggression and siege against the Venezuelan people, taken by the Government of the United States of America with the aim of abruptly affecting and interrupting efforts on behalf of the Bolivarian Government to guarantee the right to food, health and other basic fundamental rights of the Venezuelan people.

In light of the restrictions illegally imposed by the government of the USA on trade and the economy of Venezuela, Mr. Saab Morán, as an agent of the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, was in transit in the Republic of Cape Verde, during a technical stopover to continue his journey in order to take steps to ensure the procurement of food for the Local Food and Production Committees (CLAP), as well as medicines, medical supplies and other goods of a humanitarian nature for the care of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In violation of all regulations and procedures, Interpol authorities in Cape Verde arrested Mr. Saab Moran on June 12, despite the fact that there was no code red in the Interpol international police co-ordination system at the time. After his arbitrary arrest, Interpol issued an untimely arrest warrant on June 13 to justify the detention, without regard to the diplomatic immunity granted to an agent of a sovereign government under international law.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reports that it has taken all appropriate steps, through diplomatic and legal channels, to guarantee the human rights of Mr. Alex Saab, as well as his inalienable right to a defense. In this regard, in strict compliance with international law and within the framework of the friendly and respectful relations that we have historically maintained between both nations, Venezuela calls on the State of Cape Verde to release Alex Saab, facilitating his return and protecting his fundamental rights, based on due judicial process.

Caracas, June 13th, 2020

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