Bolivarian Government Rejects U.S. Prosecution of Former Minister Luis Motta Dominguez and Former Vice Minister Eustoquio Lugo

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its firm rejection of the policy of the United States Government of unleashing judicial persecution against officials or former officials of the Bolivarian Government based on offenses. Thus, they intend to damage the image of the State institutions, to justify new attacks against the Venezuelan people. Once again, like 21st century cowboys, they resort to the strategy of offering rewards for the detention of public servants. In this case, they attack, without any basis, former minister Luis Motta Domínguez and former vice minister Eustoquio Lugo, in another of their infamous actions of aggression against the Venezuelan State. The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela is proud of the men and women who, in spite of the threats, slanders and intimidations, remain firm in the defense of both their personal integrity and that of the Republic and its democratic institutions. By appealing to lies and the pretense of judicializing the political and economic aggression against Venezuela, the dominant elite of the U.S. has failed again and again and is destined to fail a million times, by crashing against the courage and dignity of a free people, heir to the most noble struggles and causes, willing to give up everything to defend their Homeland.

Caracas, September 30th, 2020

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