Vice-minister Capaya Rodríguez holds a working meeting with Minister Mervin Maldonado

Last Monday, the Vice-minister for Asia, the Middle East and Oceania, Capaya Rodríguez González, held a meeting in videoconference format with the People’s Power Minister for Youth and Sports, Mervin Maldonado, together with the ambassador accredited to the government of Japan, Seiko Ishikawa, who were accompanied by officials from both State institutions.

Venezuelan government signs contract to acquire Russian vaccine EpiVacCorona and advance the immunization of the people

On a historic day from Saint Petersburg-Russia, the Venezuelan delegation, headed by the ministers Wilmar Castro Soteldo, Gabriela Jiménez and Alí Padrón, signed a contract this Friday with the limited liability company Geropharm to acquire the Russian vaccine EpiVacCorona against the coronavirus (COVID-19) thus, advance the process of immunization of the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela Reports Newsletter N° 11

In the midst of the the most adverse circumstances, we have promoted dialogue as an instrument for peace.  Faced with a new cycle of conversations, we defend the sovereignty, self-determination and well-being of our people, values that we claim with the massive vaccination against Covid-19;  the rescue of our soldiers kidnapped by criminal Colombian groups and the deployment of popular ingenuity to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo.  We tell you more about our fight for peace in the 11th edition of “Venezuela Reports”.