Social, Human Rights Organizations reject actions of Colombian armed groups in Venezuelan territory

Venezuela’s social, human rights organizations express our concern about the actions undertaken by Colombian irregular armed groups in Apure state, threatening and violating the human rights of the population, displacing them both in Venezuelan territory and to Colombian neighboring localities, and causing the death of officers from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and members of irregular groups.

ALBA-TCP builds an alternative model amid the COVID-19 pandemic

In the face of the existing inequality in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the world, the Executive Secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), Sacha Llorenti, stressed that the regional integration organization promotes an alternative model to neoliberalism amid the global sanitary crisis.

FANB offers update on operation in defense of Venezuela’s territorial integrity in Apure state

Continuing with Operation “Escudo Bolivariano 2021” (Operation Bolivarian Shield 2021) in Apure state against Colombian armed irregular groups, as of Wednesday, March 31, our operations have resulted in a total of 9 terrorists neutralized, 31 prisoners brought before the 14th Preliminary Proceedings Military Court, 1 citizen to be brought before the same Court, 6 explosive devices disabled in different roads in the area, 9 camps dismantled, including one coca paste processing lab, and new confiscations of firearms, night vision goggles, communications and computer equipment, and precursor chemicals (urea).

With a deep pain, we report the death in combat of Senior Sergeant Andriel Istúriz Sojo, from the 8th Brigade of Maritime Commandos; and Junior Sergeant Jesús Alexander Vásquez Pérez, from the 931 Reinforced Infantry Battalion “Santiago Mariño,” who were killed by a land mine triggered by the aforementioned irregular groups operating in the locality of El Rupial, José Antonio Páez municipality, Apure state.

We express our most sincere, deepest condolences and solidarity with the relatives, friends and comrades in arms of these two professionals who lost their lives in the line of duty.

In the same terrorist action, nine military officers were injured. The personnel were taken to a military hospital to be attended.

An act of such nature corroborates the cowardice, premeditation and vileness of these criminal organizations, which, acting under the acquiescence of the Colombian government, tried to illegally occupy the Venezuelan geographical space and use it for their criminal activities.

Noteworthily, as residents of La Victoria return home from Arauquita, we see how the media scoundrel spread their dirty manipulations to fuel violence in Alto Apure.

We will continue using all our fighting capacities as long as necessary to neutralize these criminals wherever they are. We will not cede an inch of the sacred territory of our Homeland to bastard interests.

Chávez lives on! The Homeland moves on!

Independence and Socialist Homeland! We will live and defeat!

Independence, or nothing!

Always loyal! Never traitors!

The Sun of Venezuela rises up in the Essequibo!

Caracas, April 1, 2021


General in Chief

Venezuela considers as fair and balanced the proposal for a gradual increase in crude oil production as of May

As “balanced and fair”, described the Sector Vice-president of the Economic Area and People’s Power Minister for Petroleum, Tareck El Aissami, the proposal presented by Saudi Arabia, accompanied by Russia for the gradual increase in crude production from May, in the framework of the 15th OPEC+ Ministerial Meeting held this Thursday.