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Venezuela Reports N°6

For the Bolivarian Revolution, a house is a human right. In the N° 6 issue of “Venezuela Reports” we review the achievements of the Great Venezuela Housing Mission, the defense of Mother Earth, the protection of migrants and our achievements in cultural, scientific and sports matters. Only united we will win!

Pour la révolution bolivarienne, le logement est un droit humain. Dans l’édition N°6 de “Infos du Venezuela”, nous vous présentons les réalisations de la Grande Mission Logement Venezuela, la défense de la Terre Mère, la protection des migrants et nos réalisations en matière culturelle, scientifique et sportive. C’est seulement unis que nous vaincrons !

Venezuela Reports N°5

These are times of alliances and awareness-raising to overcome a predatory model that denies the rights of peoples. In this issue No. 5 of Venezuela Reports, we show progress in the fight to continue guaranteeing food for our population, especially our children; to defend access to vaccines as a universal good and combat inequality exacerbated by the pandemic.

Minutes high-level meeting on communication and information area of the ALBA-TCP

In accordance with the mandate of the 18th Summit of Heads of State and Government, held on December 14, 2020, the High-Level Authorities on the Communication and Information Area of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – Peoples’ Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), met in an unprecedented manner and in virtual format this April 12th, 2021, outlined a roadmap of political-communication actions in order to:

Venezuela Reports N° 3

From our liberators we inherit the anti-imperialist vocation, demonstrated in the Carabobo battlefield 200 years ago. Today, we fight against the attempts to establish terrorism in our territory, while defending the right to health, the protection of vulnerable sectors, communal democracy and the right to the truth, as reflected in the 3rd edition of Venezuela Reports.

Infos du Venezuela – N° 3

De nos libérateurs, nous héritons de la vocation anti-impérialiste, manifestée dans la campagne de Carabobo il y a 200 ans. Aujourd’hui, nous luttons contre leurs prétentions d’instaurer le terrorisme sur notre territoire, tout en défendant le droit à la santé, la protection des secteurs vulnérables, la démocratie communautaire et le droit à la vérité, comme en témoigne la troisième édition de Infos du Venezuela.

Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Social Council of ALBA-TCP

The Special Meeting of the ALBA-TCP Social Council | Health sector “United against COVID-19”, January 19, 2021, was developed in virtual format in order to:

  1. Coordinate efforts and exchange good practices related to strengthening the health systems of ALBA-TCP countries, enabling universal access on a equitable and affordable basis to vaccines and treatments developed for COVID-19 treatment.
  2. Advance the implementation of the Post-Pandemic Work Plan 2021, Section III. Social Area and point 1 of its Annex, on prevention, vaccine and treatment for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following working Agenda was considered:

1.- General reflections in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
2.- Universal access to COVID-19 diagnosis, treatment, medicines and vaccine
3.- Exchange of good practices for the prevention of COVID-19

Main agreements of the Meeting:

  1. The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America-Treaty on Trade in Peoples (ALBA-TCP) believes that what poses a tough challenge for humanity resulting from the spread of this pandemic is an opportunity to reinforce a coordinated response from our governments and our peoples, based on unity, multilateral cooperation and the spirit of solidarity, which must be at the heart of our efforts and demand a high level of ethical and humanist commitment , always putting the lives of those most in need ahead.
  2. The ALBA Vaccine Bank is created, as agreed at the XVIII Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-Treaty on Trade in Peoples (ALBA-TCP). As well as the Bank of Medicines, to contribute to improvingaccess to medical supplies, rapid testing and PCR testing, on behalf of all Member States. The Executive Secretariat is requested to carry out coordination tasks for this purpose (the President of the Bank of the Alba will explain the financial mechanisms for this effect)
  3. To expedite the exchange of good practices for combating COVID-19, which allows to share experiences in the care of the pandemic according to the measures and treatments implemented by the health systems of the ALBA-TCP member countries.
  4. To constitute ALBA-TCP as a negotiating bloc that strengthens existing processes for the development of a more effective and effective device for joint purchases of vaccines and medicines for COVID-19 treatments.
  5. To promote the need for greater financial and human resources to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to promote the transfer of technology and the dissemination of scientific and technical information from the ALBA-TCP countries.
  6. Strengthen coordination between Health and Higher Education for the management of Vocational Training Programs in various fields of clinic and public health, both undergraduate and postgraduate, considering universities, research institutes, among others, in order to improve the response from health systems in areas of vital importance such as: Public Health, Epidemiology , Critical Medicine (intensifiers), Nursing, Laboratory (Bioanalysts), Infectology, Virology, Imaging, Nursing, etc. Likewise, the training of Technicians in Electromedicine.
  7. Strengthen the responsiveness of hospital services, with an emphasis on the care of Acute Respiratory Infections (IRAs), Severe Acute Respiratory Syndromes (SARS) and COVID-19, rehabilitating the infrastructure of hospital networks, with the reorganization and extension of services linked to COVID-19 (respiratory triage, intensive care unit, laboratory, imaging, etc.), in order to provide timely and adequate attention to the demand for suspected, probable and confirmed cases of COVID-19.
  8. Advance the universal and comprehensive coverage of case care services with COVID-19, focused on early detection, rapid diagnosis, immediate isolation and timely treatment, with the purpose of controlling coVID-19 incidence and lethality.
  9. Ensure financing and resource allocation mechanisms to carry out plans and projects related to the pandemic situation, under the principles of fair exchange, complementarity, integration and solidarity among peoples.
  10. Reiterate the need for WHO’s imperative support to give ALBA-TPC member states equitable access through the COVAX Fund. In addition, to highlight the importance of technology transfers to increase global vaccine production capacity.
  11. Emphasize the relevance of building an inventory with information from public laboratories and biological producers in the Latin American and Caribbean region, with particular emphasis, on the countries that make up ALBA-TPC, in order to understand the technical capacities for vaccine research and production. This information systematization will have an impact on the speed with which the possibility of reaching the COVID-19 vaccination target is expanded, taking into account the principle of equity and broader social justice.

Bank of ALBA announcements

In this regard, and taking into account the efforts made by the Eastern Caribbean countries, members of the Alliance, to compensate for the damage suffered by their economies, a fund has been made available through banco del Alba, for USD 2 million, which provides them with economic relief and benefits in welfare for their populations; for which, it is envisaged that:
In a first phase, initial funding of USD 1 million (non-refundable), for Eastern Caribbean countries, ALBA-TCP members: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, San Cristobal y Nieves and San Vicente and Las Granadinas; to enable them to conclude negotiations with companies and third countries for the procurement of vaccines.
In a second phase, $1 million is made available to the Bank of Vaccines and Medicines to ensure access to medical supplies, rapid testing and PCR testing.
Venezuelan State’s productive capacity for vaccine production is also made available and synergistically ensured distribution to member countries.
Establishment of a humanitarian air bridge, through the airline CONVIASA, that allows the transfer of vaccines, medical personnel, treatments, medical supplies, among others, for the benefit of the ALBA population.

Caracas, January 19th 2021

• Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
• Republic of Cuba
• Plurinational State of Bolivia
• Republic of Nicaragua
• Dominica Commonwealth
• Antigua and Barbuda
• St Vincent and the Grenadines
• Federation of St. Kitts and Nemobiles
• Grenade

Countries affected by coercive measures request High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet to take urgent action to eliminate them

On Tuesday, a group of countries affected by the imposition of unilateral coercive measures, requested the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to take urgent action to eliminate them, in order to advance in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic successfully, and guarantee the right to health of peoples and their development.