Venezuela receives 13th shipment of medical supplies from China to fight COVID-19

As part of the close cooperation relations between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the People’s Republic of China, the 13th shipment of their humanitarian airlift arrived in the South American country.

The shipment, carrying 17 tons of medical supplies and equipment on a Conviasa aircraft, was received by Health Minister Carlos Alvarado and Vice-minister for Air Transport and President of Conviasa Ramón Velázquez Araguayán.

At the Simón Bolívar International Airport, Minister Alvarado explained this shipment includes supplies to increase the capacities of Intensive Care Units.

“Part of these supplies will strengthen the ICUs and the healthcare capacity in the country as the second COVID-19 wave unfolds in Venezuela,” he added.

Likewise, Alvarado mentioned a donation made by Chinese company Meheco, which sent a thermal cycler for PCR tests. “This way, we will increase our diagnostic capacity and our personal protection equipment. A shipment full of supplies to fight COVID-19,” said Alvarado.

With these supplies, including ventilators for ICUs, oxygen machines, KN95 masks, scrubs and medicines used in Chinese traditional medicine, the Bolivarian Government guarantees health centers in the country can continue providing proper care to the population.

Noteworthily, with this 13th shipment, Venezuelan totals 365 tons of medicines, supplies and equipment from China.