Vice-minister Rodríguez, South Africa’s Ambassador discuss initiatives to strengthen multilateralism, denounce UCMs

Venezuela’s Vice-minister for Multilateral Affairs, Daniela Rodriguez, in the company of Vice-minister for Africa, Yuri Pimentel, held a meeting on Friday with the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Venezuela, Joseph Nkosi, at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry to discuss multilateral issues of common interest.

“The initiatives we are undertaking are aimed at strengthening multilateralism and denouncing unilateral coercive measures against our people,” said Rodríguez.

The diplomats also discussed the recent visit by the UN Special Rapporteur Alena Douhan to Venezuela, and agreed to coordinate joint actions at UN Geneva and UN New York to inform about the conclusions of the Rapporteur’s report, and to step up efforts for the lifting of these unilateral measures that violate international law.

Currently, Venezuela and South Africa maintain different agreements for the development of strategic areas. In recent years, the two nations have strengthened their cooperation, solidarity-based relations in different international scenarios.