Venezuela reaffirms will to open, inclusive dialogue with Biden Administration

“There is always room for dialogue,” said the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, reaffirming Venezuela’s will to “an open dialogue and agenda, a political and inclusive dialogue to find coexistence” with Joe Biden’s Administration in the United States.

At the Miraflores Presidential Palace in Caracas, President Maduro rejected the initiative for political dialogue be described as “a sign of weakness” since the Bolivarian Revolution has shown “enough dignity and courage regarding its positions.”

“We are willing to have an open agenda with whoever wants to talk to us in private and public at any time and any place,” he stressed.

“We are a reality that cannot be ignored,” he highlighted in a press conference, in relation to a recent statement by State Department spokesman Ned Price, who claimed the US will continue supporting Juan Guaidó.

“If the US power has a little judgment, they must recognize we are a reality, a more democratic reality than the United States,” added the Venezuelan president, who said “no government, no matter how powerful it is, can claim the right to impose rules on other country.”

In this regard, President Maduro highlighted that the 21st century should be marked by the respect for the self-determination of the peoples, and stressed that “there will be always room for dialogue in that context.”