Foreign Minister Arreaza ratifies joint commitment of Venezuela and Iran with the construction of a new world

With the participation of the Foreign Ministers of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, and of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, the conference Venezuela and Iran in the defense of a world to be made was held this Thursday in Caracas. Organized by the newly founded Samuel Robinson Institute, a study center for original thinking.

During his participation in the activity, the Head of Venezuelan diplomacy offered a chair in history, where he detailed the interventionist origin of the United States and the Spanish empire to try to maintain their control of the continent, highlighting the efforts of the Liberator Simón Bolívar not to allow it, inspired by the teachings of his master Simón Rodríguez (Samuel Robinson) and his proposal of balance in the world.

“Simón Bolívar said that it was necessary to promote the balance of the universe before the domination of the Spanish empire in these lands. He was also talking about the United States, in a predictive way (…) when he said that ‘the United States seemed destined by providence to plague America with misery in the name of freedom’, he was prophetic because indeed that is what has happened”, emphasized Foreign Minister Arreaza.

Meanwhile, the Bolivarian and Robinsonian thesis “tells us that we must be our own, original, we must have our own differentiated identity, sovereignty and that we should never allow ourselves to be dominated by any extra-continental or continental power that intends to violate our freedom, our independence”, stressed the Venezuelan diplomat.

Iran and Venezuela share anti-imperialist struggle

Foreign Minister Arreaza ratified that Iran and Venezuela consolidate their relations and share the anti-imperialist struggle since the arrival of the Bolivarian Revolution, led by Commander Hugo Chávez. “Commander Chávez identified in Iran a potential relationship of shared benefit for both peoples (…) We are at the climax of our relationship at this historical moment”, sharing the dream of a new world, based on multipolarity, he stressed.

He recalled the close relationship that the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution built with the Islamic Republic, when it was unthinkable, due to the neocolonial conditions from which Venezuela came, to belive in a world without impositions, “a world which is in the Charter of the United Nations (…) that humanity dreamed of 75 years ago.”

The failure of Elliot Abrams

On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Relations brought up the threats made by the United States, through Elliot Abrams, to intercept an alleged weapons ship coming from Iran to Venezuela, calling them “madness”, “they are delirious”, sentenced.

In this regard, the Head of the Bolivarian Diplomacy of Peace pointed out that Abrams, the United States agent for the affairs of Venezuela and Iran, “symbolizes the failure of the policy of aggression” against these countries.

“Whatever happens in the United States, we can already say that Mr. Elliot Abrams failed in his strategy, that Trump’s hawks failed in their intentions to decide on Iran and Venezuela”, he said, referring to the election results. presidential elections, held this Tuesday, November 3, in the North American nation, which still do not have a winner.