Vice-president Jorge Rodríguez: New Electoral Council is the result of the Dialogue Table between the different political sectors of the country

The Sector Vice-president of Communication Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, explained this Saturday that the creation of this new directory of the National Electoral Council (CNE), is the product of the dialogue between the different political sectors that make democratic life in the country.

“Today we are here as a direct consequence of what has already been approved by the CNE board of directors, which is nothing more or less than the starting call for the electoral race, because today with the intervention of this National logistics committee, the electoral schedule for the parliamentary elections on December 6 begins”, said Jorge Rodríguez from the CNE headquarters, located in Caracas.

During his participation, Rodríguez reported that on Monday, July 13, the extraordinary day of registration of the electoral registry begins, being a permanent custom of the CNE, which establishes special days on the eve of the electoral processes that are carried out in the country.

Likewise, the also Minister of Communication highlighted that this schedule implies the realization of a special day of electoral registration and data updating, then organizations with political purposes will be called to present their authorized candidates to apply, next will come the applications for deputies throughout the country with the new mechanism that has already been approved by the CNE that guarantees broader forms of participation and defense of the passive and active rights of female and male voters.

In the same way, he highlighted that after starting the electoral campaign process, more than 24 audits were carried out from the beginning until the end of the voting act.

“After the applications and the entire electoral campaign process, more than 24 audits will be carried out, from this moment until after the elections, that is, until January 14, the audits of the electoral process are planned”, he added.

Finally, Jorge Rodríguez commented that he will provide all the support to the Electoral Power and to the work carried out by the CNE in matters of communication, security and biosafety.

“In the spirit of collaboration before the powers, President Nicolás Maduro, has asked us to give all the support that the National Executive can give to the work that the CNE has been carrying out in the field of communication, security and biosafety.” Emphasized the Sector Vice-president.