Returnees from Chile appreciate health care they receive in their homeland

The nationals who returned this Wednesday from Chile, on a special flight of the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, and who remain in isolation in the Vacation City of Los Caracas, in L Guaira state, thanked the treatment and medical health care they receive by the Bolivarian Government. “Excellent! We are very grateful for the treatment we have received. Upon arrival they gave us a free mask, gel alcohol and they cleaned us over with the chemical product to avoid the spread of Covid-19, and so they did to our luggage”, related Eduardo Rojas, who returned after three and a half years in Chile. He commented that the flight also meant a return solution for Venezuelans who bought a ticket and were stranded because the airline suspended the flights due to the Coronavirus contingency. Rojas denied the negative matrices circulating in Chile that they receive derogatory treatment after arriving in the country and, on the contrary, invited compatriots who wish to return to request the benefit offered by the Plan Vuelta a la Patria, through the embassies and consulates.

250 connacionales son repatriados desde Chile ante el avance del Covid-19
Joselín Rodríguez, another returnee, commented: “Nothing like your country. I spent so long away that now is when I realize what I have in my homeland. The transfer from Chile to Venezuela has been excellent, I cannot complain. They have been concerned about every detail of our care”. She commented that in Chile, the Venezuelan Embassy placed them in a shelter for three days and applied a blood test to rule out the Covid-19 infection. In Los Caracas, the nationals are attended by a team from La Guaira Governorate that performs the rapid test, before assigning them to their cabin, reported Yadira Castillo, the sole health authority of the coastal entity. She explained that if a symptom compatible with the virus appears, a more accurate test is applied to detect Covid-19 and only if the results come out negative, they are discharged so that they continue to their destination city, where they are kept under epidemiological surveillance in agreement with the health authorities of the respective state. This flight from Chile through the state airline Conviasa, with 250 nationals, is the first after President Nicolás Maduro instructed to organize special operations to repatriate Venezuelans in a situation of urgency and vulnerability in the countries of South America, not only due to the high contagion curve of Covid-19 that they register, but also due to the manifestations of xenophobia and arbitrary eviction from their residences.

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