Bolivarian Government set to bring Venezuelans back amid COVID-19 pandemic

In order to guarantee the right to free and quality healthcare amid the COVID-19 pandemic, President Nicolás Maduro announced Conviasa airline’s airplanes are set to bring Venezuelans back from the United States and the Dominican Republic. “I have received your proposals and I have authorized the airplanes to go get those Venezuelans stranded in the United States and the Dominican Republic due to the coronavirus pandemic. We opened a special web page in our Foreign Affairs Ministry, and 524 Venezuelans in the United States have registered. I have the airplanes ready to go. We are just waiting for the authorization of the US authorities to go get them. It’s totally free. We will bring them back to their homeland, Venezuela, and provide them with healthcare and protection,” stressed the Venezuelan president. Regarding a group of Venezuelans stranded in the Dominican Republic and who expressed their will to return to their country amid this contingency, President Maduro explained that they have filed a formal request at the Venezuelan Embassy. “I received a video of some Venezuelans who went to our Embassy in the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo. They are around 80 Venezuelans. I already gave instructions to Foreign Affirs Minister Jorge Arreaza because we have an airplane ready to go get those Venezuelans,” he said. The Venezuelan president explained that they will provide this service to all Venezuelans who request to return to their country due to economic or vulnerability issues. Presidential Press Office

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