Presentation in Hanoi “Anecdotes for Chavez” seven years after planting

The Venezuelan Embassy in Vietnam commemorated the seven years of the sowing of Supreme and Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, through an emotional act called “Anecdotes”.

At the opening of the event, Ambassador Tatiana Pugh Moreno said that “to talk about Chávez seven years after his planting is to keep talking in the present, is to talk about the brother, the friend, the partner, comrade, a son, a father, is to talk about the man made people and a man made millions”.

This experience was shared with the diplomatic staff assigned to this mission, representatives of the Communist Party of Vietnam, members of the Union of Friendship Associations of Hanoi, Friendship Group Vietnam – Venezuela and the Association of Poets of Hanoi, and also had the special accompaniment of the diplomatic staff of the Embassy of Cuba in Vietnam and its ambassador Lyannis Torres Rivera.

The “Anecdotes” about Chavez collected, through short videos, the testimony of Venezuelans who from their hearts and clamor of the people carry the Eternal Commander in their soul, in their thoughts and actions. The alive  Chavez, cheerful, visionary and strategist, but above all the people Chavez.

Seven years after his planting, the Venezuelan Embassy in Vietnam reminded the top leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, the great politician, military, strategist, humanist, promoter of the Bolivarian Socialism and the Latin American integration process, highlighting the Chávez who delivered his life to the people, bearing the flag of love for the country.

That is why today more than ever, said Ambassador Pugh Moreno, we thank Supreme and Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez for his tireless struggle alongside the revolutionary people, for his unconditional love, which will undoubtedly be rewarded with the same feeling, to defend his legacy and keep moving forward building the socialist homeland.