President Maduro calls on peoples of the world to achieve peace

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, called on the peoples of the world to make the necessary efforts to achieve peace.

This was expressed in his Twitter social network account, @NicolasMaduro, in which he wrote: “A new world emerges without impositions of dogmas, culture or religion. A diverse, united world, for a common cause: to save humanity from climate disaster and poverty caused by neoliberalism. Free Peoples! Let’s show that it is possible to achieve peace”.

Climate change is defined as the variation in the state of the climate system, formed by the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the cryosphere, the lithosphere and the biosphere, which lasts for sufficiently long periods of time (decades or longer,) until reaching A new balance.

It can affect both the average meteorological values ​​and their variability and extremes, which is happening at the moment, causing natural catastrophes.