Venezuela vigorously rejects tendentious statements by President Iván Duque

The FM of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, rejected on Friday the recent and tendentious statements made by the President of the Republic of Colombia, Ivan Duque, according to which he denounced the supposed mobilization in his country of “organized armed groups” that “enter and leave” from Venezuelan territory.

In this regard, he emphasized that the colombian president intends to evade his responsibilities and accuse Venezuela for more than 60 years of proven abandonment of the colombian side of the border, which facilitated the development of drug trafficking, paramilitarism, criminal gangs and colombian irregular groups.

“How does the President Iván Duque explain that in 60 years Venezuela is a territory free of drug cultivation, while in Colombia it increases every year? What is the country that does not monitor its territory? What country allows the free development of drug trafficking, violence and anarchy?”, Questioned the diplomat through his Twitter account @jaarreaza.

Foreign Minister Arreaza added that the colombian side is aware of the common problems on the border, although with differentiated responsibilities.

“Colombia can not continue to evade and dilute its responsibility as a State, for the crimes against humanity that are committed in its territory”, said the People’s Power Minister for Foreign Relations.